Important Things To Do Before Your PAP Smear


If you have your first gynecological visit and need to have a PAP smear completed, then you may be wondering if there is something that you should do before the exam. Well, keep reading to learn about a few things that are necessary beforehand.

Avoid Sex and Vaginal Products

PAP smears are completed to test your cervix for abnormal cells. This is necessary to check for both precancerous and cancerous conditions and the collection of the cells requires access to the cervix and an uncontaminated specimen. There are a few things that can cause contamination like the presence of semen and seminal fluid. 

Also, many vaginal creams, sprays, and other products can mask the abnormal cells and make the testing procedure far more difficult. You also do not want to use a douche or use any sort of topical vaginal medication that is prescribed to you. If you believe that you need to use or apply a medication, ask your physician about this and also make sure to let your gynecologist know beforehand. You may need to have a separate PAP smear completed when your medical treatment is over.

Typically, you want to avoid placing anything into your vagina and avoid sexual intercourse for two days prior to your PAP smear. It is safe to continue with your normal routine and activities afterward, though.

Consider Your Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual blood, like other fluids and medications, can interfere with the results of your pap smear. So, you want to make sure that your gynecological examination is completed when you are not menstruating.

While this is true, you can often have a PAP completed if your menstrual flow is light. And, this is important to know in case you have a cycle that is irregular. 

Keep in mind that your cervix does change a bit during your monthly cycle, so if you do have a PAP completed when you are experiencing light bleeding, then you may need to have another test completed at a later date. This is the case most often if the test results come back positive for abnormal cells the first time.

If you are experiencing bleeding, then you also need to make sure that you are not using a tampon for about 48 hours before your PAP test. Only use pads so the test specimen is not contaminated. 

If you want to know more about PAP smears and the types of things that you need to do to prepare for a gynecological exam, speak with your gynecologist


5 December 2018

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