Irreversible Forms Of Birth Control For Women


Some women decide very early on in life that they just do not want children. Others just want to have sex without the consequences of pregnancy. Whatever your reasons, if you want to cross pregnancy and children off your list completely, there are some permanent and irreversible forms of birth control just for women.


This is the complete removal of your ovaries. Without your ovaries, there is no chance you will ever get pregnant, period. Sometimes this procedure also includes the Fallopian tubes, but that is entirely up to you and your doctor.

The downside to an oophorectomy is that you will immediately enter menopause because your ovaries are responsible for your youthful appearance and slow aging process. Without the ovaries, you have to be on hormone replacement therapy in order to stop menopause. On HRT, you will continue to have a period, even though you have no ovaries for eggs, because you are tricking your body into thinking you still have ovaries.


This name-brand form of permanent birth control utilizes two tiny surgical metal implants. Each implant is placed in a Fallopian tube to block it. Your body responds by growing tissue over these implants, thus making them a permanent part of your body and completely blocking eggs from accessing your uterus.

Likewise, they completely block sperm from entering the Fallopian tubes to fertilize eggs. The eggs are then reabsorbed into the body when they cannot reach the uterus in time. Your periods continue as normal because you retain your ovaries and there are no hormonal side effects to worry about. The implants cannot be removed without destroying your Fallopian tubes.

A Hysterectomy

If you are in your thirties and forties and want to be sure that late-in-life babies will never happen, a hysterectomy may be the right choice for you. Your doctor can remove just your uterus, or your uterus, Fallopian tubes, and/or your ovaries via a laparoscopic procedure and a couple of tiny incisions. Most women choose to have the complete hysterectomy, which only leaves behind the stretchy vaginal tube for intercourse. However, other women feel threatened by the complete procedure and/or feel that they would be "gutted" if they remove the rest of the female reproductive organs. Talk to your doctor, one you trust and is close to you such as Anchorage OB, about this procedure if you are having any negative feelings about it.


20 January 2017

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