Two Tips To Help You Prepare For A Smooth Baby Delivery


After being pregnant for so many months, you may be eager to see your baby for the first time. However, before that can happen, you'll need to go through labor and delivery. If this is your first child, you might be nervous about the pain of labor, but if you want to have a smooth delivery, it's a good idea to use the following suggestions so that you and your spouse are adequately prepared for the process.

Talk with Your Spouse about Their Duties

While you and your spouse might have already started birth classes and have learned about what happens during labor and delivery, it is vital that you sit down and talk about their specific duties while you are in labor. When you are at that point, you may be impatient and irritable, so it is wise to discuss what they'll be doing before that day. Some things you might discuss are when relatives are called, for instance--you don't want to be working your way through contractions when your spouse is chatting happily on the phone with your relatives. You might have them call one relative who can then call others.

Work with a Midwife

You may have heard of midwives in a home setting, but nowadays, certified nurse midwives (CNM) operate in birthing centers and hospital settings as well. These midwives have a background in nursing, and like their home counterparts, are there to support you in preparing for labor and delivery. 

How do midwives differ from obstetricians? Midwives are typically more interested in providing you with as natural a birthing process as possible. They are generally more available and spend more time with you in the days leading to labor and delivery and guide you through the birthing process without as many interruptions or distractions as other options. Women who work with midwives have fewer episiotomies, epidurals and c-section births overall.

Should you choose to have an epidural or additional help, even when working with a midwife, that is still an available choice. It is important to note that if you do develop a complication during your labor, such as pre-eclampsia, an obstetrician may be called in to take over your care.

With all the tips in this article, you can feel more confident that you are preparing for a smooth delivery. Work closely with your spouse and medical professionals, like George L Stankevych MD, to ensure that you're all on the same page.


6 August 2016

A New Baby

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